Revitalize your Waukesha fleet

Increase lifecycle and reduce maintenance cost with Waukesha S2 to S4 conversion program

With decades of experience and state-of-the-art facilities across US and Canada, WPI offers conversion, modification and upgrade solutions for a wide range of Waukesha engines. With our CM&U solutions, we help our customers improve the economic viability of your Waukesha equipment throughout its operating life.

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Conversions are performed by qualified technicians and use certified OEM parts.

Programs include but not limited to:

  • Waukesha VHP S2 engine with S4 technology
  • Advanced Crankcase Breather Upgrade for Waukesha VHP gas engines
  • ESM engine system manager control upgrade for Waukesha engines
  • Waukesha Series 2 VHP gas engines lean-burn upgrade
  • VHP AFR2 Air-fuel ratio control for Waukesha rich-burn gas engines
  • emPact Emission Control System Upgrade
  • VGF Lean-Burn Cylinder Head Upgrade
  • xCooled Cylinder Heads for New VHP Gas Engines