Construction Machinery


We have established enduring connections with construction businesses, serving clients and vendor partners for many years. For instance, WPI has represented Komatsu in Texas for several decades. Our range of equipment and services has effectively met the demands of various industries, such as Infrastructure, Energy, Construction, Mining, and Forestry.


At WPI, we are dedicated to helping you maintain your equipment. Our team of field service technicians has the expertise, tools, and training necessary to provide a variety of services, including Field Services, Shop Services, Preventive Maintenance, Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA), Real-Time Fleet Telematics, Undercarriage Service, Welding and Fabrication Services, Training, and Technical Support. We are committed to keeping your equipment in top condition.


Technological advancements have unlocked new possibilities and potential for innovation in the construction industry. Worksite optimization is now achievable with the intersection of advanced automation and integrated technologies. Our industry is rapidly evolving, keeping up with the pace of change.


We proudly represent top manufacturers in the construction industry, and when you combine their products with WPI’s renowned services, you have a winning combination that can conquer any challenge.


At WPI, we offer comprehensive support for all aspects of your equipment, from the powertrain and hydraulic systems to lighting, operator environment, undercarriage, electrical systems, cooling systems, and more. Our network of branches and manufacturers ensures seamless integration of all parts and components. WPI delivers uptime.™


WPI is a trusted equipment solutions provider in Texas, Louisiana, and Southern Arkansas. We ensure prompt and proactive support to fulfill your equipment requirements. Our many locations maintain a large inventory of parts, and our Factory-Certified Technicians offer various services. We take pride in our reliability and dedication to meeting your equipment needs.