Build-to-Suit Powergen™

Build-to-Suit PowerGen™

Flexible Solutions for Power Resilience

We specialize in manufacturing power plant solutions customized to your needs. Whether you require permanent, temporary, or bridging power, WPI offers flexible solutions for reliable electricity. Our Emergency Stand-by Systems are smart and efficient and can be provided as a plug-and-play installation.

Onsite power generation Benefits

  • Reliance for today, resilience for tomorrow. The volatility of the weather and the intermittency of renewable energies have brought real challenges to energy systems. Grid failure and crashing incidents are likely to continue and occur more often. Severe weather response
  • Decreased energy-related operating costs. When energy is produced at the place of its end use, costs can be lower than when a third-party supplies energy via grid and central systems.
  • Avoid energy losses due to electric power distribution from central power stations to distributed consumers.
  • Avoid expensive power transmission and distribution upgrades due to increased local demand.
  • Power for energy-deficit regions and locations that cannot connect to centralized energy sources.
  • Improved reliability of the electric power source for locations with unstable grid infrastructure and facilities with increased requirements for energy supply reliability.
  • Industrial-scale battery energy storage systems paired with on-site Generac gas or diesel generators for resilience during power outages.