Build-To-Suit Prime Power

Flexible Solutions for Power Resilience

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We specialize in manufacturing power plant solutions customized to your needs. Whether you require permanent, temporary, or bridging power, WPI offers flexible solutions for reliable electricity and power resilience. Our power plant solutions are smart, efficient and can be provided as a plug-and-play installation.

Build-to-Suit Prime PowerGen™ offers flexible engine choices from the world’s top manufacturers featuring Waukesha Natural Gas Engines. When deciding on an engine brand for natural gas-fueled packages, we provide our customers with consultive counsel to help determine their project requirements. WPI can also tackle your most complex project requirements with tailored designs engineered to your specific requirements.

Our Prime Power Generators

Configurations include:

  • Island-mode prime power
  • Fast-response peak shaving
  • Cogeneration and trigeneration – combined heat and power (CHP)
  • Temporary, standby, and backup power

Applications to consider:

  • Construction sites
  • Pipeline pumping stations
  • Electrical grids support

Think of it like “Power in a Box” built to suit your needs. Our power generation packaging includes the following:

  • Self-Framing and Engineered Rigid Frame Metal Buildings
  • Acoustical and Weather Resistant Enclosures
  • ISO Special Purpose Containers
  • Stationary & Mobile Packages
  • MCC Buildings & E-Houses
  • Asset Repurposing
  • Packaging of Free Issued Equipment