Smart Construction

Technological advancements have unlocked new possibilities and potential for innovation in the construction industry. Worksite optimization is now achievable with the intersection of advanced automation and integrated technologies. Our industry is rapidly evolving; with smart construction services & solutions, we keep up with the pace of change.

IMC CARE Program

IMC CARE PROGRAM is good for 1-year unlimited hours.

30 Labor hours of our Technical Solutions Team used for:

  • Training new and existing employees
  • Remote Support


  • Maintenance Calibrations performed every 500 hrs within 100 miles of a WPI branch. Calibration performed +- 100 hrs of regular scheduled maintenance. Includes updating all IMC software.

Discounted IMC non warranty repairs

Condition Monitoring:

  • Oil analysis monitoring / Trend
  • Fault codes monitored on unit
  • Monthly energy report on equipment


  • 12 Months / Unlimited Hours
  • 30 Hours Remote Support / Training
  • Maintenance Calibrations
  • 12% Labor Discount
  • 38% Mileage Discount
  • 10% Parts Discounts
  • Condition Monitoring

Additional Services Offered

Job Site Set Up Services

  • Establishing OPUS/Control Points for Machine Control
  • Localize the job site
  • GPS Hardware setup

Mapping/Drone Services

  • Drone services provided by FAA-licensed
  • Drone and software packages
  • Flight Service includes:
  • Access to Propeller Portal
  • 3D Jobsite Virtualization
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Design File Comparison
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Volume Calculations
  • 3D Data Model preparation for the user with machine control
  • 3D Modeling services provided through our trusted partners

GPS Hardware Services

  • Base & Rover Systems (Rental, Sale & Repair)
  • Aftermarket installations for Dozers, Excavators & Motor graders
  • UHF and 915 conversion hardware
  • Topcon & Trimble conversion hardware

Training and Consultation

  • Base, Rover, Data Collector orientation, and localization training
  • Operating Techniques for Grade Control
  • Component identification and functionality
  • Basic troubleshooting for signal loss and re-initialization

Intelligent Machine Control

Great technology solutions for you!

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Easily apply advanced automation technology to your job sites.

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In today’s construction industry, technology has revolutionized the way we begin a job – we are way past beginning a job by pounding a wooden stake into the ground. With Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control (IMC), you can program 3D design data directly into your machines for enhanced efficiency. IMC utilizes sophisticated automation, allowing even operators with less experience to work smartly and effectively.

On your job site, productivity is the key to success, and with Komatsu’s IMC, you have a powerful tool to help you achieve maximum productivity faster. IMC incorporates advanced proprietary technology and cutting-edge job site design for sophisticated productivity-enhancing automation.

IMC Dozers

Through automatic dozing and rough cut-to-finish grade, IMC-equipped machines help you make every pass count to achieve superior production compared to traditional aftermarket systems.

  • Innovative: Automated operation from rough dozing to finish grade
  • Intelligent: New dozing mode and load control performance features
  • Designed for the machine: Factory-installed, integrated system
  • No cables: No coiled cables between the machine and the blade
  • No climbing: GNSS antenna and mast removed from the blade
  • No connections: No daily connections are required between the machine and the blade
  • Fully supported: Get assistance via Komatsu’s service and support network

IMC Excavators

Give your operators the power to work more efficiently than they ever could with conventional aftermarket machine guidance (indicate only) or manual operation. Intelligent Machine Control excavators with semi-automatic control can work smart from rough digging to finish grading and help minimize over-excavation to make every pass count.

  • Semi-automatic for trenching, slope work, and high-production applications
  • Protection + precision + performance = the formula for pursuing maximum productivity versus conventional machine guidance