Power Generation Industries

WPI and Generac Industrial Power

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For over two decades, WPI has partnered with Generac Industrial to offer exceptional sales, service, parts, and turnkey installation for industrial, commercial, and life-critical applications in Texas.

WPI ensures power resilience through Generac’s Industrial catalog of diverse generator options, high-tech mobile products, accessories, and cutting-edge transfer switches, including 3-Pole, 4-Pole, and isolation bypass.

Our Practical Power Resilience™ approach helps companies overcome significant energy system challenges from weather volatility and intermittent renewable energies. Standby power generation is a practical solution for mitigating grid failure risk during demand response for commercial and industrial sectors.

WPI Offerings

  • Diesel-fueled generators are the industry standard and provide business owners with an extremely high-power density, keeping the overall footprint down. WPI ensures that each diesel-powered solution meets our company’s high-quality standards and the needs of the application, such as fuel tank requirements, sound levels, and circuit breaker configurations. We offer industrial sizes from 35kW-2000kW.
  • Clean-burning natural gas generators are cost-effective engines with extended run times and environmentally friendly emissions. WPI’s Generac natural gas generators can be used to meet local code requirements such as 10-second start-up requirements, lower sound levels, and enclosures with high wind ratings. We offer industrial sizes from 10kW-1000kW.
  • Bi-Fuel generators combine diesel fuel's power with natural gas's longevity. They meet the NEC and NFPA code requirements for on-site fuel storage while providing the reliability of natural gas flow during a crisis or extreme weather events. Because a Bi-fuel Generator runs diesel fuel and natural gas simultaneously, the Bi-Fuel Generator extends diesel run times up to 75% longer. Available sizes include 500kW-600kW.
  • Generators can be ordered with "self-paralleling" controls. They can then be tied together for system redundancy or larger kW nodes. With Generac's MPS parallel system, there is no longer a need for large, expensive paralleling switchgear. The customer now has the freedom to mix and match kW sizes and different fuel sources on the same bus.
  • Generac and WPI's engineering team work together to design and optimize our offering to your needs under a wide range of adverse conditions.
  • WPI/Generac offers Continuing Education Credits on various courses related to Emergency Power Generation. WPI can also assist with the sizing of emergency generators.
  • 24×7 Service support. WPI has multiple statewide offices that support our products with factory-trained and certified technicians. WPI is also home to one of Generac's training facilities, where Generac instructors teach classes to support the region. We also support various manufacturers in the power generation space.

Industries and Building Types WPI Supports

  • Municipalities and Gas, Electric, Water, and Wastewater Utilities
  • Fire and Police
  • Education
  • Food, Beverage, Entertainment
  • State and Local Government or Military Buildings
  • Hospitals, Nursing, Assisted Living, and Healthcare Facilities
  • Hotel/Motel/Resorts
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses
  • Instrumentation, Control Systems, Test, Measurement or Medical Equipment Mfg.
  • Machinery Mfg.
  • Mission Critical and Data Center Facilities
  • Office Buildings
  • Oil, Gas, and Petroleum, including Refining
  • Pharmaceutical Mfg.
  • Plastics & Rubber Mfg.
  • Research Facilities & Labs
  • Emergency Shelters
  • Sports / Entertainment / Convention Center Facilities
  • System Integration, Consulting, Business or Technical Services
  • Telecommunications / Cell Sites