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Construction Industries: Infrastructure
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Government and municipality procurement can be challenging. You care about getting roads built, bridges repaired, and keeping the water and sewer systems up and running. When you need a partner who knows the ropes and can help you work wonders, count on WPI.

WPI is one of the largest Komatsu distributors in North America and growing. Our customers rely on our knowledgeable customer support for our heavy construction equipment, technologies, accessories, attachments, and supplies.

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Pipeline work requires a unique mix of experience, skill, and specialty equipment. That’s why WPI teamed up with Komatsu and pipeline firms to craft highly productive, rigorously engineered solutions tailored to the energy industry’s requirements.

WPI’s unrivaled load control and operator visibility through all boom angles allow operators to place the load exactly where it needs to be every time. Our pipelaying equipment is the safest, best-handling, and most stable machine on the job site.

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Designed for performance, quality, and reliability – supported by specialists who know your industry and count on WPI’s equipment and intelligent technologies to help you meet your business objectives.

Part of WPI’s commitment to customer service includes providing training, education, and factory certification programs. Training courses are available for the latest technologies in equipment, helping you protect your investment and improve productivity by giving your employees the skills they need to keep the job moving.

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Rely on a world leader in mining trucks, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, dozers, automation solutions, and connected mining technologies. Get answers, insights, and a full range of lifecycle management services you need from a partner who knows your industry and its challenges.

Our wheel loaders are comfortable, efficient, and productive, making them operator favorites and production managers’ preferred choices. With innovative hydraulic and drive train technology and rock-solid quality, WPI’s loaders satisfy North America’s most challenging quarry and mining production demands.

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Forestry is an integral part of the solution for a sustainable future. As one of the world’s largest forest machine makers, Komatsu has a multifaceted approach to sustainability. This includes the work within our business and how our machines can have minimal impact on their surroundings to ensure sustainability while helping clients with profitability goals.

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Various Applications

Moving materials like scrap metal, demolition debris, and recyclables requires flexible but durable equipment. WPI’s super-long front excavators help you push these bulk materials effectively and handle tough jobs.

WPI also offers a variety of waste-handling machines. From dozers and compactors to wheel loaders, we have the machines for the job.

Advanced Automation Technology for Intelligent Machine Control

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Productivity is the key to success on your job site, and the faster your crew can reach a state of maximum productivity, the better. Now you have a powerful tool to help make that happen with WPI’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC) from Komatsu. With advanced, proprietary machine technology, iMC allows you to utilize sophisticated, productivity-enhancing automation and cutting-edge job site design.

Using WPI’s innovative, intelligent Machine Control (iMC) from Komatsu, you can program 3D design data directly into your machines. And it’s available to you right now.

Your operators — even those with less experience — can work efficiently, guided by sophisticated automation. You can be confident you’re getting the most from your machines, crew, and carefully designed plan.

  • Get new operators up to speed quickly
  • Go from mass ex to finished grading faster than ever
  • Fully integrate 3D design data into your machines
  • Empower operators to work efficiently, pass after pass

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