Waukesha is in Our Name

Waukesha Pearce Industries (WPI) has had a longstanding relationship with the name Waukesha. Almost 100 years ago in 1924, Louis Pearce Sr., President of the Portable Rotary Rig Company, purchased two Waukesha Motor Model EU engines. We became the first Waukesha Engine distributor in 1933. Then, in 1944, the Portable Rotary Rig Company ceased its drilling rig manufacturing operations and incorporated as Waukesha Sales and Service, Inc. In 1967, Waukesha Pearce Industries was formed; for 79 years, our company has had Waukesha in its name.

275GL+ 12V Engine

Waukesha 275

The 275GL+ represents one of the most advanced generations of high-horsepower engines in the gas compression segment. A unique combination of robust construction and innovative technology, the 275GL+ lean-burn engine delivers excellent fuel flexibility, efficiency, power output, and emissions for unmatched performance. For maximum uptime and profitability, you can depend on the 275GL+ to get the job done year after year.

Waukesha VHP Series 5

Waukesha VHP Series 5

The Waukesha Series Five rich-burn engines combine advanced technology from INNIO with the history and experience of the VHP platform. The Series Five family of engines now includes the 2,500 hp P9394GSI S5 in addition to the 1,900 hp 7044GSI S5 and 1,500 hp 7042GSI S5. All three engines provide more power, better fuel flexibility, improved performance at higher ambient temperatures, lower fuel consumption and lifecycle costs, and longer service intervals than previous models.


Waukesha VGF

The Waukesha VGF line of engines has consistently performed under extreme conditions in various applications – power generation and gas compression- for nearly two decades. The VGF series of high-speed engines are built with the durability expected from a medium-speed engine. Purposefully designed for a wide range of stationary, spark-ignited, gaseous fuel applications, the compact VGF engine has a high power-to-weight ratio operating up to 1800 RPM. The foundation for exceptional long-term performance is attributed to the core VGF family design. A wide choice of options earns VGF engines the distinction of being the market leader in versatility.

VHP Series Four F3524GSI

Waukesha VHP Gas Engine

The Waukesha VHP Series Four, rich burn engines, are the engines of choice for the harshest and most demanding gas compression, power generation, and mechanical drive applications. The Series Four engines can reliably produce more power on hot field gases at high altitudes and in remote locations, all while delivering low emissions when paired with a 3-way catalyst (NSCR).

  • VHP Series Four L7044GSI With ESM2 and emPact Emission Control System 1120 - 1680 BHP (835 - 1253 kWb)
  • VHP Series Four F3524GSI With ESM2 and emPact Emission Control System 560 - 840 BHP (418 - 626 kWb)

Waukesha MobileFlex

With over 100 years of engine design, development, and manufacturing experience, Waukesha gas engines are redefining oil field power generation in drill rig applications with a non-road US EPA mobile certified solution that provides diesel-like performance, fuel flexibility to run on natural gas/field gas and low emissions output for excellent engine performance.

  • VHP Series Four L5794/L7044GSI-MOB Multi-Fuel Mobile Power Generation 943/1148 kWb (50 Hz @ 1000 rpm)
  • VHP Series Four L5794/L7044GSI-EPA Multi-Fuel Mobile Power Generation 1380/1680 BHP (1029/1253 kWb)