Hurricane Preparedness Checklist 2024

May 6, 2024 | News


Preparing a home and family for a hurricane can feel overwhelming.  To help, we recommend you update and have this checklist readily available before the 2024 storm season.

□ Review your emergency plans should the power go out to an hour, multiple hours to even days

□ Review emergency plans for evacuation

□ Identify the safest location in the home to wait out storms

□ Identify local shelters

□ Check insurance policy/coverage

□ Conduct maintenance (or request service) on backup generators

□ If you are unable to get maintenance, at least start the generator

□ Check the yard and landscaping for any trees that should be trimmed, clear gutters, etc.

□ Fill gas cans in the event of an evacuation or to run a portable generator

□ Use hurricane shutters or board up windows and doors with 5/8-inch plywood

□ Reinforce garage doors

□ Bring in outside items if they can be picked up by high winds

□ Create communication plan with family members in case of an outage

□ Build an emergency kit

□ Compile contact information for relevant family members and keep it handy in a wallet or purse

□ Create an inventory of your home’s contents.  Store in waterproof container or plastic sleeve

□ If you have a diesel generator, make sure to top of the fuel tank

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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist 2024